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Jeff Bounsall Sells Exclusive Platt Vineyard

Exclusive: Sonoma Coast's Platt Vineyard SOLD by Jeff Bounsall Aaron Romano Posted: August 4, 2015 Wine Spectoator Russian River Partners, a vineyard investment fund run by Eric Flanagan of Flanagan Vineyards, has purc... [Read More]

Wine Country Real Estate Blog

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How to Buy a Vineyard

What Investors Should Know Before Venturing in a Vineyard The first and foremost thing to consider when venturing in a vineyard is the long vs. short-term aspect of the investment model. Historically, beginning with the Phoenicians... [Read More]


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Wine Country Articles of Interest

Wine Country Articles of Interest Sonoma County grape value jumps 60% in year Napa Valley Wineries and Tasting Rooms Napa County Weather Wine Spectator: Sonoma  Sustainable Farming (rrvw.org) Leslie Rudd &... [Read More]